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The National Center for Veteran Ventures (NCVV) helps Veterans considering transition to civilian life, to design, launch and grow your Perfect-Fit Venture that will fulfill your desire to move the world to a better place in your powerfully unique way, while improving your quality of life.

The Perfect-Fit Venture Design Phase Program

$4000 includes compelling educational content and 10 weekly 1:1 coaching sessionss

The Perfect-Fit Venture is based on GCSEN’s multi-year research-proven program model. We will extend this program significantly through phases of support over several years, to increase the odds of success of the venture. These phases and program modules are outlined below:

Module 1: Think Like an Entrepreneurial Leader

Module 2: Discover Your Powerful Uniqueness

Module 3: Identify Your Targeted Social Problem & Solution

Module 4: Design Your Perfect-Fit Venture

Contact Tony DiMarco, to apply and to inquire about availability of Veteran Fellowships that may cover all or part of the program fees. For those further along the venture process, we can customize programs including:

Module 5: Build and Ignite your Perfect-Fit Venture

Module 6: Launch your Perfect-Fit Venture

Post-launch program through our Virtual Incubator:
    • Achieve Sustainable Operations (one to two years)
    • Realize Your Vision! (two to five years)
For those wishing to donate to support a Perfect-Fit Venture Design Phase Fellowship, click Donate.

We are located at the Veterans’ One-Stop at Mental Health America of Dutchess County at 1335 Route 44, Pleasant Valley, NY 12569.

MHA of Dutchess in unique with its integration of Dutchess County Veterans Services programs with its own MHA based services, and includes partners services such as our National Center for Veteran Ventures.

  • Everything a Veteran could need – all in one place
  • Veterans helping Veterans
  • No Veteran left behind in our community
  • All of the help, none of the stigma

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