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Veteran’s Playbook Season One Summary

Our prior eleven episodes in Season One each featured a Veteran entrepreneur and their inspiring journey into their military experience, transition to civilian life and business ownership, and showcased the destination communities where they live, work, and make an impact. This twelfth and final episode of Season One is a capstone highlighting two key messages that our Veteran entrepreneurs delivered to viewers, specifically to active military and veterans.

1. Due to your military service, you have developed all the strengths you need to become a successful business owner.

2. You may lack the knowledge of how to run a business, but there are vast resources across the Veteran entrepreneur ecosystem you can tap to help you come up to speed quickly.

During military service, you develop the following foundational strengths to becoming a successful business owner.

While you may lack the knowledge needed to run a business, there are vast resources across the Veteran entrepreneur ecosystem you can tap to help you come up to speed quickly. The following diagram illustrates the types of resources available to you as a veteran business owner.

In this episode, we featured three types of resources.

The first resource is valuable for high-tech Veteran entrepreneurs with dual-use technologies that meet military and commercial needs. U.S. Army Veteran entrepreneur Daryian Rhysing and his Veteran Spouse Eva, interact with Dr. Matthew Willis to describe how critical the U.S. Army has been to their success with United Aircraft Technologies (See Episode 4). Dr. Willis is the Director, U.S. Army Applied SBIR and Prize Competitions, ASA(ALT) Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology, which is part of Headquarters, United States Department of the Army (HQDA).

The second resource is valuable for Veteran entrepreneurs in their own communities. The resources described in this episode are those provided by Mental Health America “Veteran One-Stop” of Dutchess County in New York. The One-Stop integrates Dutchess County Veterans Services and other county-based resources to provide everything a Veteran could need – all in one place.

The third resource is events that bring together the different participants in a Veteran entrepreneur ecosystem. In this episode, we highlighted the Veteran’s Playbook Series Premiere Celebration held on Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2023. Every year, there are dozens of other high-value ecosystem events across the U.S. that Veteran entrepreneurs should consider attending.

We hope you are inspired to consider business ownership as a path to fulfilling your passion and purpose and a path to service where you can move the world to a better place.

One final message our Season One Veteran entrepreneurs would like to convey to active military and other Veterans – “If we can do it, you can do it!”


“IRON” Mike Steadman

Newark, NJ: Marine Corps Platoon Commander. IRONBOUND Boxing Academy, IRONBOUND Courage Academy, IRONBOUND Media. Iron Mike and his ventures are changing the lives of young people as well as other veteran entrepreneurs.

Charlie Webb

Poughkeepsie, NY: U.S. Army Staff Sergeant. Charlie is passionate about food and community. His venture, Hudson & Packard, offers award-winning Detroit-style pizza. They served free food to first responders and hospitals throughout Covid lockdown.

man in sunglasses, hat, big beard

Andrew Beaudoin

Saranac Lake, NY: U.S. Army Sergeant, paratrooper, wounded in Afghanistan. AJ uses his passion for fishing and the outdoors in his venture, Battle Fish Charters, helping fellow Veterans to “Stop battling anxiety and battle fish for the day!”

Daryian Rhysing

Pittsfield, MA: Sergeant (E-5), U.S. Army. His company, United Aircraft Technologies (UAT), is introducing ground-breaking new technologies, like smart electrical systems for safety, in the aerospace industry, creating good jobs in their community.

Alexander Othmer

Beacon, NY: Navy SEAL. Alex is helping other vets heal with the help of dogs, music, nature, and peer support at Guardian Revival, where they provide community services to help Veterans and First Responders.

Patrick Powers

Newport, RI: Colonel Patrick Powers (Retired), U.S. Army Ranger, Special Forces Green Beret. Patrick uses Gold Star Sailing, a summer camp for teens who have lost a parent in military service, to help kids heal, bond, and learn the joys and challenges of sailing.

Corrie Mays

Cape Cod, MA: Major United States Marine Corps., Weapons Systems Flight Officer, Naval Flight Officer for the Blue Angels. Corrie and her sister saved Plum Porch, a landmark local business, from closing down, and built it into the #1 gift shop on the Cape, despite the challenges of Covid.

D’Shawn Russel

Raeford, NC: Made a mid-life career change from math teacher to military spouse entrepreneur. She had no business experience but she turned her hobby of candle making into a multi-million dollar business. She credits the military and Veterans with much of her success and strongly encourages military spouses to have a side hustle that can travel with them.

Cyndy Jones

Cape Cod, MA: Gold Star mother. Launched Heroes In Transition in memory of her son, Captain Eric A. Jones, U.S. Marine Corps, who died in 2009 piloting a helicopter on a combat mission in Afghanistan. HIT helps Veterans, service members, and their families to strengthen relationships, build community, empower individuals, and provide a pathway to healing.

Nick and Nicole Bezanson

Nick Bezanson

Westbrook, ME: Major, United States Marine Corps. Nick flew F-18s in San Diego, and C-130s in Okinawa, Japan, and Iraq, and was a flight instructor. He started Vacationland Distributors during his MBA where he discovered a niche for a boutique distributorship focused on the unique craft beer, wine, and cider.

Shawn Moore

Shawn Moore

Kansas City, MO: Military Spouse, Founder of Caregivers on the Homefront. Prior to becoming a Caregiver to her husband who served for 23 years in the U.S. Army, Shawn served as a police officer for 15 years. Shawn is a passionate and powerful advocate for military and Veteran caregivers. She is also an Elizabeth Dole Foundation Caregiver Fellow.

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