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The Veteran’s Playbook

GCSEN Foundation and Blueview Productions are launching a TV program called The Veteran’s Playbook, which license is based on The Entrepreneur’s Playbook, that brings viewers on an interactive front-seat tour of the most exciting new veteran ventures moving the world to a better place through 4P Impact (People, Profit, Planet, and Place). 

Veteran’s Playbook is a new strategic initiative supporting U.S. veteran entrepreneurs. This initiative is highly innovative yet leverages all the assets and capabilities that GCSEN has developed over the past seven years. Veteran’s Playbook also leverages (through a license), The Veteran’s Playbook brand owned by Len Green, a CPA services firm, and Babson Entrepreneur Professor and Hall of Fame member. 

Amazon Instant Video

Veteran’s Playbook

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Amazon Prime Instant Video for 2023. The Veteran’s Playbook TV will be made available on Amazon Prime Instant Video. This brings our content to the streaming platform, in all facets, TV, mobile, and digital with one streaming service. Amazon is excited to be the first major Streaming Network to offer our genres! This service will be added value with your sponsorship:

The #2 Streaming Service in the World to Netflix.

Estimated 151.9 Million Users in the US as of Jan 2021’ Available in U.S, UK, Germany, Austria, Japan, and India coming soon.

Amazon Prime Video Statistics An estimated of 67.04 Amazon prime video subscribers in the US in 2022

There are 117 million Amazon Prime Video subscribers worldwide.

By 2026, Prime Video is projected to reach over 180 million subscribers globally. (Statista).

56 % of the U.S. adults subscribe to Amazon Prime Video in 2022.

Around 64% of households have subscribed to Amazon Prime services worldwide

Amazon currently have 75 million video worldwide

More than 175 million Prime members streamed TV shows and movies in 2021

Between 35 and 44 years of age, 67% of consumers said they had a current Amazon Prime subscription.

Title Sponsorship



A custom-branded open and “presented by” title page will be created and will air on each episode of the Veteran’s Playbook series.
1 x 30-second TV commercials per episode
Product placement available when applicable.
Sponsor will be granted brand category exclusivity.
Sponsor to receive distribution on Amazon Prime & Pluto TV.
Discovery Destination America reaching 57,238,000 households

Digital Media*

Sponsored digital content will be shared via the website and various social media platforms including, but not limited to, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
Sponsor will receive 5 x :30 videos and 5 x:15 second videos cut with existing show footage highlighting sponsor. Sponsor will have unlimited rights with video to use for any marketing channel they choose.
Sponsor will receive 8 beautiful still images for their unlimited digital and catalog use.
Each week, the sponsor will receive 1 direct-sponsored social media post on the social media platforms totaling at least 24 posts.
Sponsor will be tagged and or mentioned on all applicable social media posts at least once a week for 24 weeks.


Sponsor will receive a premium homepage and full episode page banner on Veteran’s Playbook content-rich website. This banner can be linked to the sponsor’s website.
Sponsor will be featured in 1 blog post per episode.
Sponsor will receive 1 monthly email blast to the Veteran’s Playbook database.

TV Impressions, Social Influencing - TV

TV Title Sponsor
Media Asset Total Amount Rating Universe VPHH Sub Total IMP
TV :30 Second Spots 26 0.5 57,000,000 2.3 646,737
TV Branded Opening 26 0.5 57,000,000 2.3 646,737
TV Product Integration 26 0.5 57,000,000 2.3 646,737
AMAZON PRIME 26 0.5 57,000,000 2.3 349,370

TV Impressions, Social Influencing - Website

Media Asset Total Amount Description Sub Total IMP
Official Website Banner Ads 2 Homepage and episode page annual 850,000
Blog Post Featured Post 1 Authentic content/brand integration into post 100,000
Official Website Brand Integration Full Episode Page 300,000
Email Blast Brand Integration 12 One email blast per show 240,000

TV Impressions, Social Influencing - Digital

Media Asset Total Amount Description Sub Total IMP
Social Branded Digital Distributed across all social media platforms 500,000
Video Branded Digital 5 x :30 second Video cuts showcasing sponsor
Photos 8 Unlimited digital and catalog use
Social Exclusive Social 26 150,000
Social Group Social 10 minimum 75,000

TV Impressions, Social Influencing

Current Social Statistics

Facebook received 20 + million UV’s in a 12-month period in 2022.
Instagram engagement rate: 5-15% on still images and 35% on video posts.

Sponsor Levels TITLE - $350K EPISODE - $50K
Branded Opening YES YES
30 Second Commercial 24 1
Product Placement YES YES
Brand Category Exclusivity YES YES
Amazon Prime YES YES
Home Page Banner YES NO
Blog Post (Sponsor Specific) YES YES
Episode Page Banner YES YES
Email Blast YES YES
SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook, Instagram & Youtube
Sponsors Tagged in Posts 24 1
Videos (:15) 5 1
Videos (:30) 5 1
Still Images 8 1

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